A New Commandment



Description:John 13:31-35Theme: A New Commandment1. How God is Glorified in the Cross2. How We Should Live in light of the Cross

The Birth of a Nation

Guest Preachers


Description:Though Jacob’s family is poisoned by sin, the nationof Israel has its birth by covenant grace.1. Sin abounding2. Grace abounding

The Lord Raises Up Amos as a Prophet to Israel

Guest Preachers


Description:Theme: God Raises Up Amos1. His Unique Calling2. His Historical Setting3. His Specific MessageElder Henry Nagtegaal lead worship and read thissermon by Rev. Ancel Merwin.

Love and Betrayal



Description:John 13:18-30Theme: Judas' Betrayal of Jesus Shows Us:1. The Sovereignty of God2. The Pain of Jesus3. The Love of Jesus

Pure Religion

Guest Preachers


Description:James 1:26-27Theme: Pure Religion1. A Controlled Tongue2. A Concern for Others3. A Consecrated Life

Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet



Description:John 13:1-17Theme: Why Does Jesus Wash His Disciples Feet? 1. As A Display of His Self-Sacrificial Love2. As A Symbol of Saving Cleansing 3. As A Model of Christian Conduct

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost 2017


Description:John 16:5-15; Acts 2:29-41Exhortation: Worship the Holy Spirit and praise Godfor the gift of the Holy Spirit1. Who is the Holy Spirit?2. What is the work of the Holy Spirit?

Why the Ascension Matters

Ascension 2017


Description:Acts 1:1-11Theme: The ascension of Christ: What it means and why it matters.1. What It Means: Real Absence & Real Presence2. Why it Matters: Christ continues as our Prophet3. Why it Matters: Christ continues as our Priest4. Why it Matters: Christ continues as our King

A Dysfunction in the Covenant Family

Guest Preachers


Description:Genesis 26:34-27:40The Lord upholds His decree in favour of the younger son:1. Two Sinful Schemes2. Two Blessings

The Final Call to Believe



Description:John 12:42-50Theme: The Final Call to Confess and Believe in Jesus1. The Call to Confess Him Unashamedly2. The Call to Believe in Him Wholeheartedly

Searching for the Blood Atonement

Guest Preachers


Description: Exodus 12:12-13; 1 John 1:5-10Theme: We are fully justified by the blood of Jesus Christ

Who Has Believed



Description:John 12:34-50Theme: Believe in Jesus Before It's Too Late!1). The Call to Believe.2). The Cause of Unbelief.3). The Final Call to Believe.

The Hour Has Come



Description:John 12:20-33Theme: The Hour of the Cross Has Arrived for Jesus1). The Glory of the Cross.2). The Way of the Cross.

A Living Hope

Resurrection Sunday 2017


Description: 1 Peter 1:3-5Why Do We Praise God For Our Hope in Christ?1. Because it's a gift of mercy.2. Because it's a living hope.3. Because it's an eternal inheritance.

What Kind of King is Jesus?



Description:John 12:1-19Theme: What Kind of King is Jesus?1. Jesus is a Confrontational King2. Jesus is a Counter-intuitive King3. Jesus is the Conquering/Coming King

One Man Should Die for the People



Description:John 11:45-57Main Point: God's Good Purposes Ultimately Prevail InSpite of Man's Evil Plots.Theme: The Plot to Kill Jesus.1). The Context of the Plot2). The Pretext of the Plot3). The Subtext of the Plot

Who Can Stand Before the Lord?

Guest Preachers


Description:1 Samuel 6:1-7:2Theme: When the ark of the ovenant omes near, who is able to stand before the Lord, this holy God?1. Not the fearful Philistines2. Not the joyful Israelites3. Only the faithful Gibeonites

Our Compassionate Lord of Life



Description:John 11:17-44Theme: Jesus is our compassionate Lord of life.1. His precious promise to Martha2. His outrage and grief with Mary.3. His resurrection power for Lazarus

The Death of Lazarus



Description:John 11:1-16Main Point: In the midst of pain and sorrow we cantrust God. Why?1. Because He Has A Loving Purpose Behind It2. Because We Have the Hope of Resurrection Life3. Because He Sent His Only Son to Die for Us

I and the Father Are One



Description:John 10:30-42Main Point: Jesus is the Son of God and one with God theFather1. What It Means2. Why It Matters

The Blessings of Our Good Shepherd



Description:John 10:22-30Theme: The Blessings of Belonging to Our GoodShepherd1) We Hear His Voice2) We Are Known by Him3) We Follow Him4) We Receive Eternal Life5) We Will Never Perish

The Good Shepherd



Description:John 10:1-21Theme: The Good Shepherd1) The Good Shepherd Knows His Sheep2) The Good Shepherd Leads His Sheep3) The Good Shepherd Protects and Provides for His Sheep4) The Good Shepherd Dies for His Sheep

Spiritual Blindness



Description:John 9:13-41Theme: Spiritual Blindness1) The Pharisees Spiritual Blindness2) Jesus' Compassion on the Outcast3) Jesus Judges Spiritual Blindness

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind



Description:John 9:1-12Theme: The Problem of Suffering and the Power ofJesus to Heal Blindness1). The Problem of Suffering2). The Power of Jesus to Heal Physical Blindness3). The Power of Jesus to Heal Spiritual Blindness

Go and be Reconciled

Peacemaking Series


Description:Ephesians 4:1-3, 31-32Series Main Point: God calls us to avoid beingpeace-breakers andpeace-fakers and to be peacemakers in the midst ofconflict.The Four “G”s of Peacemaking (Ken Sande): G4 Go andBe Reconciled:Granting True Forgiveness:1. What Forgiveness is Not2. What Forgiveness Is3. Go Back to the Gospel Over and Over Again

Gently Restoring Others

Peacemaking Series


Description:Matthew 18:15-20; Galatians 6:1-2Series Main Point: God calls us to avoid beingpeace-breakers and peace-fakers and to be peacemakersin the midst of conflict.Sermon Theme: Gently restoring others in the midstof conflict(from Ken Sande's 4 G's of peacemaking)1. G3: Gently restore: Why?2. G3: Gently restore: How?3. Go back to the Gospel over and over again

Get the Log Out of Your Eye

Peacemaking Series


Description:Matthew 7:3-5; 1 John 1:8-2:2Series Main Point: God calls us to avoid being peace-breakers and peace-fakers and to be peacemakers.Sermon Main Point: Get the log out of your eye.(from Ken Sande's 4 G's of peacemaking)1. G2: Get the Log Out of Your Eye: Own It2. G2: Get the Log Out of Your Eye: Confess It3. Go back to the Gospel over and over again

Glorifying God in Conflict

Peacemaking Series


Description:1 Corinthians 10:31; James 3:13-4:10Series Main Point: God calls us to avoid being peace-breakers and peace-fakers and to be peacemakers.Sermon Main Point: Glorify God in conflct(from Ken Sande's 4 G's of peacemaking)1. G1: Glorify God: How can I glorify God in this situation?2. Go back to the Gospel over and over again

A Vision of Hope for the New Year

News Years Day 2017


Description:Revelation 21:1-8Hear how God's unfolding plan of redemption by making all things new offers more hope for day-to-day living than any optimism we could ever conjure up.

The Humble Birth of Jesus

Advent 2016


Description:Luke 2:1-7Theme: The humble birth of Jesus, the Son of God1. The Real History of Jesus2. The Supreme Humility of Jesus3. The True Humanity of Jesus

John's Birth and the Benedictus

Advent 2016


Description:Luke 1:57-80Theme: Our Salvation in Christ1. The New Born Herald of Our Salvation2. The Song of Our Salvation

Joy in the Coming of Christ

Advent 2016


Description:Luke 1:39-56Joy in the Coming of Christ1. John's Pre-Birth Joy2. Elizabeth's Humble Joy3. Mary's Song of Joy

The Annunciation

Advent 2016


Description:Luke 1:26-381. An Unlikely Recipient2. An Unexpected Announcement 3. An Understandable Question4. An Unfathomable Mystery5. An Unwavering Faith

Jesus is Greater Than Abraham



Description:John 8:48-59Main Point: Jesus is greater than Abraham. Why?1. Because Jesus saves us from death2. Because Abraham had faith in Jesus3. Because Jesus is the great "I AM" (i.e. He's God!)

Christ our Liberator



Description:John 8:31-47Main Point: Christ frees us from slavery to sin and the devil and makes us sons of God forever.1). Our Slavery to Sin2). Our Slavery to the Devil3). Our Freedom in Christ

The Light of the World



Description:John 8:12-30Main Point: Jesus is the light of the world who saves us from our darkness. 1. The Proclamation of the Light. 2. The Opposition to the Light. 3. The Triumph of the Light.

No Condemnation, No Compromise



Description:Romans 8:1-4; Romans 6:1-4Main Point: Jesus saves us from condemnation for our sin and from compromise with our sin.1. The Woman Caught in Adultery (John 7:53-8:11)2. Saved from Condemnation for Sin3. Saved from Compromise with Sin

Soli Deo Gloria

Reformation Sunday 2016


Description:Romans 11:33-36Theme: To God alone be the glory:1. For the incomprehensibility of HIs ways2. For His sovereign grace3. For the joy of His people

No One Spoke Like This Man



Description:John 7:40-52No One Spoke Like This Man.Theme:1. The Division Among the People.2. The Division Among Religious Leaders.3. How Does Jesus Divide?

Praying with Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2016


Description:Praying with ThanksgivingTheme: Why should we pray with thanksgiving?1. Because it's Scriptural.2. Because it's a Shield Against Fear andSelf-Absorption.3. Because it Shows Appropriate Gratitude forAmazing Grace.

Got Thirst?



Description:John 7:37-39Listen how Jesus' invitation to drink and besatisfied in Him alone is for all people.Theme:1). The Festive Occasion of Jesus' Invitation.2). The Freeness of Jesus' Invitation.3). The Fulfillment of Jesus Invitation.

Is This the Christ?



Description:John 7:25-36Listen to hear about the identity of Christ's origin, mission and destination.1). Jesus' Origin.2). Jesus' Mission.3). Jesus' Destination.

The Heavenly Scholar



Description:John 7:14-24Listen to hear about the true nature of Christ'steaching.1). It's from God.2). It's for God's glory.3). It exposes man's hypocrisy and need for Christ.

Skepticism, Uncertainty and Hostility Towards Christ



Description:John 7:1-13Listen how Jesus suffers and remains obedient in and through skepticism, uncertainty, and hostility.1). Jesus in the midst of skepticism.2). Jesus in the midst of uncertainty.3). Jesus in the midst of hostility.

To Whom Shall We Go?



Description:John 6:60-71Main thought: What does true discipleship look like?1) True disciples find life in Christ's words, even the hard ones.2) True disciples continue to confess Christ, even in the hard circumstances.3) True disciples are chosen and kept by the Triune God.

Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace

Guest Preachers


Description:Galatians 5:22aTheme: The Holy Spirit produces Christ-likeness in Christians:Spiritual Graces1. The specific beauties of these graces2. The certain production of these graces3. The blessed pursuit of these graces

The Husband's Role

Guest Preachers


Description:Ephesians 5:22-33Theme: The husband's role in marriage as an image of Christ and His bride, the church:1. Responsible Authority2. Sacrificial Love

True Food and True Drink



Description:John 6:49-59Theme: Jesus' flesh and blood.1. Why do we need it?2. What is it?3. How do we eat it?4. What are the benefits?

The Irresistible Bread of Life



Description:John 6:35-48Main Point: Be comforted that your whole salvation from beginning to end is a gift of grace alone. 1) Our Total Inability2) God’s Electing Love3) God’s Effectual Call4) God’s Preservation of his People